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Counseling is not a job interview.

Have you ever wasted valuable counseling time trying to make a counselor understand your experience as an immigrant?


Have you felt being unable to express your feelings while thinking of the grammar in your head?


Counseling should be in the language that is most comfortable to you. 


Don't worry about Akkusativ, Dativ, or Genetiv.

Talk in English

Find solutions together



Do you feel depressed or cannot find someone to talk to about your worries? Are you struggling with family matters? A Social Worker can be your trusted counselor.


Remote (phone, video) or Face-to-face (visit)

Sliding scale fee

based on income & number of children

Do you have a plan for retirement? How much will I get from AHV and Pensionskasse? How about when you suddenly lose your main income source? A Social Worker can show you your income after life-changing events like retirement, invalidity, death. 1-time consultation.



1-time counseling on questions as an immigrant such as learning the local language and culture, job search, early intervention for children under 5, etc.

For counseling with social workers at schools and government offices, or for counseling with psychiatric and psychologist


Sliding scale fee

based on income & number of children




Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 14.40.27.png

Hyobin Hwang

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 11.18.35.png

Social Worker FH, SERI Switzerland

Social Worker 1st Grade, Ministry for Health and Welfare, South Korea


Member of Switzerland Association of Social Workers (AvenirSocial)

Member of Korea Association of Social Workers


Credential course & exam in Social Work, Lucerne University (HSLU)

Class Assistant, Bülach School of Special Education (HPS Bülach)

▶Intercultural Mediator, Center for Intercultural Addiction Prevention and Health Promotion (FISP)

▶Training Course, Migration & Integration, NCBI

Manchester, UK

▶MA International Development, The University of Manchester

Los Angeles, California, USA

▶Community Organizer, Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP, Inc.)

▶Interpreter/Translator, Bus Riders Union

▶Associate, Problem Gambling Project, UCLA & Chungnam National University

Daejeon, South Korea

▶BA Social Welfare, Chungnam National University

Case Worker, Migrationszentrum

▶Social Worker, Caritas

Sozialberatung H. Hwang

Hyobin Hwang

Postfach 21, 8185 Winkel

079 196 56 44

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Thank you! Talk to you soon.

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